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Rubber boat rental Cala Gonone - Azzurra

Experience the Gulf of Orosei on your own and in complete freedom

If you are looking for an adventure to experience at sea, then renting a rubber raft is the right choice for you. Thirty kilometres of uncontaminated coast among some of the tallest cliffs in the Mediterranean that shelter caverns and coves of unparalleled beauty. This is the Gulf of Orosei. This is the holiday you should not let pass you by. Cala Gonone is located at the heart of one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines. We are proud to operate in what is known as an authentic natural realm set among the shimmering limestone mountains, crystal-clear sea and mysterious caverns that extend to the core of the Supramonte Maritime mountain range. Exploring this area independently is something anyone can do. Renting a rubber raft without a skipper offers the advantage of choosing the places you would like to see on your own and deciding how long to stop along the beaches. Our operators on duty around the Gulf of Orosei will be there to help you should you need any assistance . For those on the gulf for the first time, we suggest you take your first tour on an organized excursion with an operator in order to take the fullest advantage of the precious advice he will have to share with you during the day together so you will be ready for the next time you go out on your own. If you have not done so yet, please take a look at our "guided excursions section"
Rental schedule: Departure: from 8:00 am on – Return: by 5:30 p.m.

The rubber raft are equipped with cool boxes with ice packs and umbrella.

skipper escursioni cala gononeThe Skipper says:

How can I rent a rubber raft at Cala Gonone? Where do I start? How can I contact you?

Our rental boats are available as early as 8:00 a.m. and must be returned no later than 5:30 p.m. The rental procedure is carried out as such:

- Arrival at the port and stipulation of rental contract.
- Explanation of the main rules of navigation and use of craft including all on-board gear (The duration of this mini-course may vary - according to your experience with boating.).
- Loading baggage onto the craft. The compartments on the boat are very roomy. We suggest you travel light; there’s no need to over-pack. Feel free, however, to bring all your snorkelling gear, beach umbrellas and groceries. There is a restaurant at Cala Luna and some beaches have refreshment stands where you can buy a quick lunch. We do advise you to purchase some food and water before your departure.
- Departure. Enjoy your day
- Return at 5:30 p.m. and refuelling
- See you the next time out! gita!!


There are many companies that rent rubber rafts at Cala Gonone. Why choose you?

The reason why so many companies have started renting rubber rafts at Cala Gonone in recent years is due to the commodity and swiftness this means of transportation has to offer to those exploring the coastline. No operating license is necessary to use our boats and they are approved to carry 8 or 10 passengers.

Only a kayak ride could provide a more exciting trip! Rowing for thirty kilometres might sound tempting but then you would need a rubber raft to tug you back into the port at the end of the day. For the rental fee we request, we guarantee that you will receive a clean rubber raft, all safety equipment and on-board gear that are checked daily. We renew the crafts in our fleet every 5 years and guarantee suitable storage as well as engine inspection every six months. This means safety for you while you are out at sea with your family and children. You won’t have to worry about hearing any strange creaking sounds from the engine or breathing sea air polluted by the smoke of a faulty exhaust. Azzurra promises all of this before you leave the port. Our boat operators are on duty in the Gulf of Orosei and will assist you in case of need. The sea will take care of the rest.


We are a family of 10. Will we all fit on a rubber raft?

Certainly!! with the skipper!
The independent rental it's for a maximum of 6 people with 5m and/or 6m boats.

We also offer discounts for groups who need more than one boat. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Ok, sure. But what happens once we get to the open sea? How does this work? Can we make it to the beach?

Once you are out of the port, we suggest you head south since the beaches from Cala Fuili to Capo Monte Santo can only be accessed by sea or by foot (the walks are long but very charming) while the beaches north of Cala Gonone are easily accessible by land.

Regulations clearly state that motorboats must run 100 metres from the coast and 200 metres from beaches. Don’t be afraid! You don’t have to be an Olympic swimmer to get to the shore. At least not everybody! Each cove has its corridor of buoys that lies perpendicular to the water’s edge; regulations at the cove are the same as those in ports. Speed must be reduced to 3 knots. Once you have landed and unloaded your baggage, the boat operator must anchor the raft beyond the swimming area indicated by the rope running parallel to the beach. At that point, the operator must swim back to shore or ask for a ride from one of our skippers on duty in the area. 


Some technical information about our rubber rafts for rent NO BOAT OPERATOR LICENSE NECESSARY.


Each rented rubber raft includes an baggage compartments, control panel with rudder, bench for passengers, a sunbathing cot at the bow, electronic ignition and electric trim to raise the motor (Umbrella and cool boxes with ice need reservation). Safety gear is also on board along with lifejackets and lifebuoys. The anchor is a hall anchor with a 25-metre shackle.

Brand - RUBBER BOAT: Joker Boat 470

Series: Coaster
Overall lenght: 4,95 metri
Max width: 2,18 metri
Hull: VR
Compartiments Number: 6
People capacity: 8 persons
Project category CE: B

Brand - RUBBER BOAT: Joker Boat 540

Series: Coaster
Overall lenght: 5,48 metri
Max width: 2,36 metri
Hull: VR
Compartiments: 6
People capacity: 10 persons
Project category CE: B

Brand - ENGINE: Honda

Category: FB 4 stroke
Power: 40 HP
Displacement: 800 cc
Driver Licence Required: Not


Ok, it all sounds interesting but... How much will it cost us to rent a rubber raft at Cala Gonone?

The price list for rubber raft rental is below.
Rates vary based upon the number of people on board for one day out at sea. .

You can rent your rubber raft at Cala Gonone as early as 9:00 a.m. and keep it out until 5:30 p.m. Rental fees do not include fuel. You expense depends upon how much you want to floor the accelerator. The average cost of fuel for a full trip to Cala Goloritzè is about 40 euro. Consumption is reduced thanks to a last generation 4-speed outboard motor.


Contact us for further information about renting a rubber raft

Boat rental rates


with skipper

Minimum fee*
€ 60 per Person

Maximum fee
€ 100 per Person

Umbrella **
Coolbag **


Self cruise

Minimum fee*
€ 120 per boat per day
+ gasoline (approximately 40/50 euro)
Maximum fee
€ 600 per day
+ gasoline (approximately 40/50 euro)
Boat 5 / 6 mt. 40 hp
Umbrella **
Coolbag **
Quick driving school at sea
Assistance during the day


Gulf of Orosei

€ 40 per Person

Cala Luna
Cala Sisine
Cala Biriola
Cala Mariolu
Cala Gabbiani

Departure 08:00 / 08:30
Return 16:30

* Rates in low season
** On demand. While stocks

Map - Gulf Of Orosei

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