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Taxis in the Gulf of Orosei

Which is your favourite beach today?

The “taxi in the gulf” service offered by Azzurra is for those who already have the Gulf of Orosei imprinted in their hearts and have chosen one of the coves as their favourite to spend a day. Our service is also the ideal solution for those who would like to hike in the Supramonte Maritime mountains and are looking for a relaxing way to get back to Cala Gonone in the evening. Azzurra also offers assistance to those climbing the cliffs along the coast who have a lot of gear to carry. We also have a special logistic transfer service for those on the “Selvaggio Blu” trek.

skipper escursioni cala gononeThe skipper says

Can we get a ride to Cala Mariolu and get picked up in the afternoon?

Certainly!! It takes 35 minutes to get to Mariolu by rubber raft. Taxi service in the Gulf of Orosei is available to all the coves and you have the following beaches to choose from:

- Ziu Santoru, Oddoana, Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriola, Cala Mariolu, Cala dei Gabbiani, Le Sorgenti, Cala Goloritzè


Can we take the reverse route from Cala Sisine to Cala Luna?

We can accompany you to Cala Sisine early in the morning and schedule a time to pick you up at the pier in Cala Luna in the afternoon.

We can choose that time together so that you can thoroughly enjoy the beach at Cala Luna after your hike by taking a refreshing swim. If you prefer, we can accompany you to Cala Gonone directly after your hike.


We are doing a lot of climbing and have a lot of equipment. Can we carry everything we need on board?

The taxi service at the Gulf was originally designed to accommodate climbers and we use our 7-metre rubber rafts for them when necessary. Their roomy, water-tight compartments are ideal for carrying all the equipment you’ll ever need.

The same service applies to photographers who can also take advantage of being accompanied in the early hours of the morning in order to get the best light for their pictures.


We are a group of 8 and we would like to do the “Selvaggio Blu” trek. What kind of assistance do you provide?

We offer transfer services for hiking enthusiasts who would like to spend two or more days on our Supramonte Maritime mountain range. More specifically we will offer you during our daily stops:

- Provisions of food and water
- Rubbish collection at the end or beginning of the day
- The possibility of returning to Cala at any time


Contact us for further information about renting a rubber raft

Boat rental rates


with skipper

Minimum fee*
€ 50 per Person

Maximum fee
€ 100 per Person

Umbrella **
Coolbag **


Self cruise

Minimum fee*
€ 100 per boat per day
+ gasoline (approximately 40/50 euro)
Maximum fee
€ 400 per day
+ gasoline (approximately 40/50 euro)
Boat 5 / 6 mt. 40 hp
Umbrella **
Coolbag **
Quick driving school at sea
Assistance during the day


Gulf of Orosei

€ 35 per Person

Cala Luna
Cala Sisine
Cala Biriola
Cala Mariolu
Cala Gabbiani

Departure 08:00 / 08:30
Return 16:30

* Rates in low season
** On demand. While stocks

Map - Gulf Of Orosei

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